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This is evident in their rustic material palette, antique decor items masterfully put together, and a keen reverence for traditional South Indian architectural elements such as the wooden columns. 

Glazing installed in the facade ensures a sense of openness and connectivity. The decor embraces a modern Indian aesthetic with custom-made furniture, handicrafts and artwork by local artists. The architectural shell and the materials used determined the choice of art and colours which showcase the cultural heritage of the owners.
The THOTTI MANE [Central courtyard homes] inspiration for architectural design, re-imagining modern-day building using materials and planning that were contextual to the locality

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Neyge Mane

Architect’s Concept: Our client is from Kodiyala, a village has set a mark in Karnataka’s history as belonging to one of the major weavers for the royal family of Mysore. Some of the major patrons of Kodiyala weaving were Tipu Sultan, the Wadiyar dynasty (the erstwhile rulers of Mysore) S M Krishna and Indira Gandhi etc.
Kodiyala is home to hundreds of Padmashalis [weavers]. Traditional weaving was done mainly on handlooms and was their primary source of income.
Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Srirangapatna and Mysore, was said to be immensely fond of cotton cloth woven and produced by the Kodiyala weavers. Thus began a long proud relationship between the community and Mysore royalty.
Seeking a fresh start, our client wanted a new space for their textile business.
So, we thought it was important to our client that to retain the traditional architectural design was thus went from a commercial shop to build around to a heritage building filled with childhood memories, combining nostalgia with the practicalities of modern

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Himaraj Babu

Software Engineer

From the initial conceptualization to the final execution, Draw N Form showcased unparalleled professionalism and creativity. The team, led by visionary architects, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of my requirements and brought forth innovative solutions that exceeded my expectations

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