Murugan Residency

The Entertainment Zone is located on the third level. The client appreciates having a relaxing room to unwind after a long day at work. It’s just as much fun and invigorating to design a whole floor with leisure spaces as it is to use them. The Material palette’s main components are wood and marble. Throughout the house, a warm and delicate color tone has been maintained. Over the beautiful and delicate grey and white tones, the wood functions as the dominating and predominant tone. The house’s interiors include a fair number of timber features. This color palette, which includes some green, creates an intimate connection

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Murugan Residency

Architect’s Concept: The design goal was to give this home modern air while still keeping it warm. The client has asked for a house that was both simple and bold in design. This was a chance to try out a design style that blends elegant materials while still providing the home with the luxury it deserves.
The Master of this project is the Floor Plan, which drives the whole design. On the outside, this design creates an L-shaped balcony on the north-eastern side, which attracts more wind and evening shade than sunlight.
Around the inside, the layout is centered on a central pooja courtyard on the first level, which serves as a vertical connection between all floors.
The house’s preliminary areas begin on the second level (The first floor). The client required a room that could accommodate a large group of people at a time. The middle court is therefore the pooja court, that can be seen from the upper level.
All of the bedrooms and a family living space are located on the second & third level. The bedrooms are located on either side of the central court, on the southern and western sides, respectively. Balcony, with one overlooking the entrance road on the eastern side and the other overlooking the private lawn on the northern

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Himaraj Babu

Software Engineer

From the initial conceptualization to the final execution, Draw N Form showcased unparalleled professionalism and creativity. The team, led by visionary architects, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of my requirements and brought forth innovative solutions that exceeded my expectations

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