Sharadrutu Residency

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The spaces are oriented in such a way that one can enjoy the views that are created and framed by different design features. Apart from this, the design creates an interesting play of natural light to further enhance the experience for the occupants

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Sharadrutu Residency

Architect’s Concept: The open-plan layout of the common areas abstains from a conventional partitioning with walls in favor of split levels. This design choice not only promotes an uninterrupted flow but also affords captivating views of the various levels from any corner of the house.
The house revolves around the concept of connections. The connections of the indoor with the outdoor, the inter-relation of one space with another along with the courtyard and the interaction of various volumes and floors with each other.
Long slit windows and multiple skylights generously bathe the interior in natural light, imbuing the space with a warmth reminiscent of a sun-kissed meadow. Large windows in the court area facing north & east and the living area facing west usher in a continuous breeze that gracefully traverses the home.
The skylights, aside from their function as light sources, create a dramatic interplay of light and shadow, choreographing the sun’s trajectory through the interiors. In the living, a swing hangs as a subtle yet inviting element, facing pooja court.

Word's of Appreciation

Himaraj Babu

Software Engineer

From the initial conceptualization to the final execution, Draw N Form showcased unparalleled professionalism and creativity. The team, led by visionary architects, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of my requirements and brought forth innovative solutions that exceeded my expectations

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